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3 guys walk into a bar...

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¨Hey, what about this bar?¨
¨I dunno, it looks kinda nice, prolly expensive. I mean, they have tablecloths!¨
¨Yea, let´s find something a bit dodgier¨
¨How about that one with the boarded up door?¨
¨Is it even open?¨
¨Yea, I can hear music inside¨
¨Then what are we waiting for?¨

Upon entering, each of the 10-12 grungy patrons turned their heads in unison as if they´d never seen a foreigner in their life before. Not deterred, we confidently grabbed a table and ordered a couple longnecks. Shortly after, we realized everyone was still staring at us intently, but this time with more of a friendly gaze than the preceding curious one. In fact, one guy at the end of the bar started waving at us so we jovially waved back. This incited some laughs from the other barfolk so we smiled and shared a laugh back with them too. When we had finished the first bottle, the guy that had waved to us earlier came over to our table and even bought us a round. ¨What a cool bunch of locals,¨ we thought. We were pretty ecstatic that we hadn´t gone to the other place.

The guy that sat down with us spoke really slurred Spanish. Usually I can pick out a few words and phrases but I had no idea what the hell this dude was talking about. But he had such a distinctive laugh like the Count on Sesame Street that it broke us into hysterics every time he did it. Things were going well. We kept drinking, saluting glasses, and we had just ordered some tasty papas fritas (french fries). Somewhere in that short timeframe, we even made a joke/remark along the lines of ¨Imagine he´s gay and trying to pick us up?!¨

And then he started to shake our hands every couple minutes.

And then he started inching his chair closer to Pete´s.

And then the other people in the bar started laughing harder and giving us a thumbs up sign.

And then he patted Pete on the shoulder a couple of times.

And then he drooled on the table.

And then he made a remark about how we were very ¨muy bien¨ and ¨inteligente¨.

And then he said he has another friend named ¨Rodrigo¨.

And then he drooled again.

¨Holy shit!¨ we yelled as we looked at each other with equal parts humour and terror (ok, it was 80% terror). I can´t recall the last time an event went from extreme high to extreme low so quickly. We frantically chugged the rest of our drinks, paid the bill, and ran our asses out of there and to the bus station. On the ride home, we purposedly chatted up some girls just to reassure our masculinity.

A couple days later and we´re still shellshocked. But looking back we should have seen the signs had it not been for the high (* see below) we were on at the current time. I mean, the boarded up door. The fact there were no females inside. The slurring was probably just a lisp. You live, you learn, you laugh. But maybe next time we´ll choose a bar with tablecloths.


  • I must footnote this story by saying we climbed a volcano right before the incident mentioned above. It was one of the coolest hikes I´ve ever done, anyone of us had done, so we were admittedly still delirious from this. That´s my story and I´m sticking to it!

Four and a half hours through the snow and ice, equipped with crampons and ice axes, on a glorious sunny day. I´ve never been to the crater of an active volcano before and this one was shooting up lava like no one´s business. It was stunning from every angle and had it not been for the suffocating sulfur fumes and piercing wind, I might still be up there admiring the view of the snow, lakes, and adjacent mountains. To make the descent just as awesome, we slid down the snow for a few hundred metres on our asses.


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So now you know what it was like to be a pretty boy living in the Gay-bourhood! Keep it coming Chueey this looks incredible... you're starting to make me regret having gone to boring old Europe again.

by KingOfBeef

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